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A collection of our independent, commissioned, and commercial films. 

How to Sue the Klan (working title)

Directed by John Beder

Forthcoming independent documentary short. website

SOTAIR  SafeBVM Training

Produced by Bedrock Productions

Dying in Your Mother's Arms *Palliative

Presented by The New York Times Op-Docs

Directed by John Beder; Edited by Katie DeRoche

Produced by Mark Brady, Donald Stader, Rachel Donihoo

Executive Producers Gar LaSalle, Dominic Bagnoli, S.J. Murray

Palliative follows Dr. Nadia Tremonti as she helps families to ease the passing of their terminally ill children. Her role as a pediatric palliative care physician extends well beyond providing end-of-life care, easing the suffering of both her patients and their families. Our human aversion to discussing death has made the job of these healthcare professionals even more delicate as they advise parents through their heartbreaking situation while also treating their patients. *Palliative is the name of the extended version of the film above. It is available to stream on

Long Prayers

Directed by John Beder; Edited by Katie DeRoche

Executive Producer Charlie Newton

Chattanooga artist Charlie Newton speaks about how his deep Southern roots and experience as a Black man in modern America have inspired his unique and dynamic artistic style. Newton’s paintings reflect elements of African design prompted by longtime traditions of quiltmaking and spirituality, while at the same time considering what art (and our world) would look like had there never been an African diaspora. Newton’s work asks the audience to enter into a conversation about the oppression of Western culture, the rewriting of history through artistic liberty, and the power of images and emotion.

Colorado's Opioid Solution ; CURE

Produced by Bedrock Productions & Stader Opioid Consultants

Hawai'i 4K Drone Montage

Produced by Bedrock Productions

Climate Change and Your Health

Produced by Bedrock Productions

Produced by the Massachusetts Medical Society

The Neuroscience of Opioid Use Disorder

Produced by Bedrock Productions

Animated by Katie DeRoche


Directed by John Beder; Edited by Katie DeRoche

Through the lens of professional classical musicians, Composed explores the many ways we experience and can address performance anxiety. Faced with the judgment of peers, audience, conductors, and worst of all themselves, these musicians spend years trying to understand and overcome the physical and mental manifestations of their anxiety. Through their stories, we learn valuable lessons learned over a lifetime of professional performance; and we find that we are not alone in our quest to overcome the fear of failure and embarrassment. For anyone wanting to feel strength over fear and compassion over judgment, or simply seeking a closer look at anxiety and what makes us tick, Composed opens the door to a world of high stakes, high pressure, and peak performing.

Making Waves - WTCI PBS

Produced by John Beder and Katie DeRoche

Executive Producer Shaun Townley

Splash Youth Arts Workshop, a non-profit started in 2012, brings art education to children in under-served areas of Chattanooga. Local artists Charlie and Iantha Newton saw an opportunity to help children in the neighborhood where Charlie first discovered his love of art. Now as successful artists themselves The Newtons are giving back by providing a safe place to learn in a community where they see so much potential.

Ending the Stigma of Opioid Use Disorder
Produced by Bedrock Productions

Produced by The American College of Emergency Physicians

Dickel Bourbon - Better 8 Than Never

Produced by Humanaut

Edited by Katie DeRoche

Awards & Recognition


2021 - News & Doc Emmy® Nomination
2020 - Midsouth Emmy Nomination
2020 - Silver Telly Awards
2020 - Impact Doc Award
2020 - Vimeo Staff Pick

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