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Bedrock campaigns for a better world, one frame at a time. Emmy® nominated filmmakers John Beder and Katie DeRoche are the co-founders and owners of Bedrock Productions, a Chattanooga-based film and production business. The two have traveled both within their local community and around the world, interviewing people with impactful stories to tell. As the vessel for these stories, Bedrock specializes in making documentaries about challenging and meaningful subject areas like mental health, climate change, cultural stigma, and social justice while centering the intimate portraits of humanity within these topics. 


The Team

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Director | Cinematographer

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Editor | Animator

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Assistant Editor



"In an age when acts of grace and the complexities of life have a hard time competing with vitriolic soundbites, this film takes us somewhere many of us don’t normally go. I think you will emerge with new perspectives and appreciation for the fragility of life. Even amidst tragedy, there is something affirming about people who give comfort and get comfort in times of great need."

Dan Rather

Journalist, Former CBS Anchor

"So moving. Thank you to the families, filmmakers and  Dr. Nadia Tremonti. I learned a lot. And felt a lot."

Ava DuVernay

Filmmaker, Producer

“The film explores what without exception all of us, performers, have experienced and known well – first, love for our craft and stage, and then performance anxiety at the other end of this beautiful and exciting spectrum. Congratulations to the director John Beder and his team for completing this project and for inviting all of us to a meaningful and necessary conversation.”

Christoph Eschenbach

Conductor, Pianist


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